18 January 2022 - 18:00(UK TIME)

The Circle Foundation is pleased to announce its first event of the year with a stellar panel.

We would like to kindly invite you to join our webinar that discusses the Russia-Ukraine Tensions and its implications for Europe and NATO.

There are some signs which indicate that Russia might conduct a military assault in Ukraine in the coming months or days. As Russia amassed 100,000 troops and a host of military equipment near the Ukrainian border over the past several months, which could be a prelude to a military operation that aims to resolve the political deadlock in Ukraine in its favour. Russia’s current and military piling up near the Ukrainian border has suggested the risk of another invasion of Ukraine, which could bring about what Putin has long pursued: a new, pro-Russian government in Kyiv and the abandonment of Ukraine’s attempts to join NATO and the EU.

In this session we will be exploring whether Russia will invade Ukraine and consequences in the aftermath. And what would be the impact of the invasion on the region and on the alliance as a whole and can NATO play a significant role to deter Russia in Ukraine? How will NATO position itself vis-a-vis these developments? How does it fit into its pivot to Black Sea strategy?

The panel speakers are:

• Ambassador Ibrahim Kalin – Spokesperson to President of Turkey

• Ambassador William Courtney – Adjunct Senior Fellow at RAND Corporation and former U.S. ambassador to Kazakhstan, Georgia and a member of the U.S.-Soviet nuclear testing commission.

• Ambassador Steven Pifer – William Perry Fellow, Stanford University and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

• Daniel Kawczynski MP – British Member of Parliament

• Nolan Peterson, war reporter in Ukraine since 2014 and a former US Air Force special ops pilot

• Olga Tokariuk, Independent Journalist, Non-resident fellow at CEPA (Center for European Policy Analysis).