The Future of Turkey-EU Relations: Can the EU and Turkey find a way forward? (Series 1)

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Date : 08 April 2021

Time : 18:00UK Time

We are proud to announce our series of webinars that cover the EU-Turkey relations.

We would like to kindly invite you to join in our online conferences that discusses the EU-Turkey relations.

This will be our first part of a series exploring Turkey’s relationship with the European Union.

The future of Turkey-EU relations: Can the EU and Turkey find a way forward? (Series 1)


– Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and Director for EU Affairs

– Michael Karnitschnig – Director for External Relations at European Commission’s Secretariat General

– Assoc Prof Çiğdem Nas – The Secretary General of Economic Development Foundation, Assoc Prof at Yıldız Technical University Department of Political Science and International Relations

– Ambassador Michael Sahlin – Distinguished Associate Fellow at the SIPRI European Security Programme and Former State Secretary in the Defence Ministry of Sweden. Former Ambassador to Turkey

– Dr Emiliano Alessandri- Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Non-Resident Scholar at the Middle East Institute.

The purpose of this online conference is to shed light on the current state of Turkey-EU relations, to analyze the problematic issues on the accession agenda, and to identify the ways how relationship again could be revitalized.

The panel will also address a number of questions related the issues such as the Visa liberalization and modernization of Turkey’s 1995 Customs Union between the EU and Turkey, Cyprus Issue, migration deal as well as Turkey’s accession process to the EU.

Apr 8, 2021 06:00 PM in London

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